Naples Florida Fishing Club



Naples Fishing Club Outings


Naples Fishing Club outings offer members fun, camaraderie and exciting fishing in some of the best spots in the area and opportunities to learn how to navigate, rig and fish in new situations. The outings are designed for backwater fishermen, offshore fishermen and people without boats. Each outing will be led by a member most experienced and skilled on those particular waters.

Sign-up sheets will be available at the meetings prior to the outing so leaders can determine the number of participants and availability of space for fishing buddies without boats. When indicated, a Captains' Meeting will be held prior to each outing to give you details on times, facilities, routes, navigation, means of communication and how to rig for the specifics and conditions that are expected.

If you are a member of the Naples Fishing Club, we hope you will plan on joining us for as many of these excursions as you are able. We will try to make arrangements for members who do not have a boat.

IMPORTANT:  All participants are expected to observe all fishing rules and regulations while on Naples Fishing Club outings.

Please sign up at the meeting or call the Club ahead of time at 239-601-1878 or 239-595-3122.


Here is a listing of guidelines for Naples Fishing Club sanctioned outings:

  • All outings will be planned or confirmed at the NFFC meeting just prior to the outing date
  • Date, location, and time of launch will be determined or confirmed at this meeting
  • Members wishing to attend the outing will sign up at this meeting and be responsible for their own arrangements
  • An Outing Leader for each outing will be selected at this meeting
  • Captains for the outing will be selected and members who will be on their boats will be agreed to by those captains
  • Members attending will provide contact information including phone numbers and e-mail address, if available, to both Outing Leader and the captain of the boat upon which they will be fishing
  • All final details of the outing (launch site, exact time, date, fishing areas, lunch gatherings, availability of bait, etc.) will either be completely confirmed at this meeting or confirmed to all attendees by the Outing Leader in the days following this meeting, prior to the outing
  • There will be a Captains Meeting held, at launch site, 15 minutes before day outings, or the evening before, if is a multiple-day outing - captains and all others attending will participate
  • All boats will be equipped with VHF radios set to Channel 69, the NFC outings channel of choice
  • The outings leader will provide written land and sea directions to the launch location and state the approximate distance in miles the group will be traveling so that boats with small gas tank capacity will determined if they can make the trip
  • Captains will provide their own sea charts and GPS information
  • Launch times will be strictly adhered to and all boats should be in the water ready to go in time for the Captains Meeting
  • Outings leader will lead the boats to the general fishing area
  • Each captain will check in, hourly, or more often, if necessary, with the outings Leader via Channel 69 on their VHF radio
  • All boaters should plan to stay within visibility of each other and make the newcomers feel secure
  • If any boat decides to leave the outing early, or make change of plans, the captain will inform the Outing Leader via Channel 69 on the VHS radio